Tap dance

Ok, this one has been bugging me for a long time. Who on earth thinks of a design like that? I mean, look at it. Notice anything strange?


Faulty design through and through

It’s in need of a clean? Yeah, I knew you were gonna say that. I’ll get to it as soon as this post is published, promised. After all, a girl needs to get her priorities straight. Anything else?

The taps (what my American readers might know as faucets) are too short? Definitely! They do not combine well with my little monster’s short arms. Or my big hands, for that matter.

The handle design doesn’t exactly lend itself to opening the taps with soapy/sticky hands? Oh yes, but that is not a typically British issue. Unfortunately.

No, what I am really peeved about is the fact that there are separate taps for hot and cold water. A standard here on the island. And I can’t help but wonder WHY?!

Sure, my basins at home are all equipped with a plug, so I could mix the water in the basin. Which is absolutely fine when I want to fill my bath tub to take a bath. But who takes the time to fill the basin for a quick hand wash? Especially one as shallow as this one that needs to be almost overflowing to give you enough depth to submerge your hands?

Apart from my little monster, of course, whose arms are too short to reach the taps anyway.

So why don’t island monkeys do mixer taps? They are so much more convenient!!! And faster. And in a public toilet pretty much the only way to wash your hands with warm water without adding more germs than there are on them to start with.

Honestly, when I see a construction like that, I wonder why they even bothered putting in a second tap for the hot water. What a waste of material! Especially when the basin in question does not possess the added amenity of a plug. What, am I expected to open both taps and then alternately let cold and hot water run into my cupped hands until the temperature is right? How does that work with the dinky little hands of a three-year old? And how do I then close the taps again while I clean my hands with soap?

Oh yeah, I forgot, I can’t close them because it’s impossible to re-open them with soapy hands.

So, cold water it is then. I swear, since I have moved to the UK roughly three years ago I have never washed my hands with warm water!

The sad thing is, it’s not like mixer taps aren’t available in this country. You can buy them at any DIY store. People here just don’t. It’s a mystery. If there is anyone out there who can explain this to me, please do. Much obliged.