Why island monkeys?

After the Little Monkey was born, I moved with all my three boys to a remote tropical island. And no, the fact that we call #2 the Little Monkey hasn’t got anything to do with the blog title. Sorry, you will have to read on.

I had originally started this blog to vent my frustration with typically British… um… quirks. At that time I had lived in England for two and a half years, and my husband was getting tired of my rants which would inevitably include the statement “Where I come from…” (Germany, if you must know). I had also finished university the previous year and was starting to feel, let’s say, intellectually under-challenged. So one day I decided to write about my adventures with the island Europeans which are commonly known in Germany as Inselaffen, or island monkeys.

I have since come to call myself and my family by this term of endearment as well, seeing that we can’t seem to be able to live anywhere else than on pieces of “sub-continental land that is surrounded by water” (definition: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Island). So when we moved to Cape Verde in 2012, I changed the scope of the blog and simply hijacked the original blog title. Since then, the amount of flak I get for the title has subsided remarkably.


PS: Since I put a substantial amount of work into the original rationale for the blog title I didn’t just want to delete it. You can read it here and understand why I am reluctant to get rid of it. My masterpiece (*sniff*). Not to mention all the comments with their valuable feedback.

PPS: Now you understand why I couldn’t be a writer for a living. Rewrites would kill me!


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