From Island To Island

Dear readers,

My life has changed. Not only did we have another baby, we have also moved to Cape Verde, an island nation in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. What made us move here is a story for another day. For now I wanted to explore the options of this blog.

I have neglected writing for a while, if for a good reason. I mean, apart from this baby business, moving to a different country has shifted my focus somewhat. So life in the UK and the quirks of the Brits suddenly didn’t seem all that important to me anymore – no offence.

But then I love writing. Okay, I’m not a bored housewife anymore, so I won’t be able to produce anything too regular. However, after only a few days here on our new island I feel the urge to put my experiences into words.

I briefly considered starting a new blog, but then I am also an attention whore, so forfeiting a faithful, hard-earned WordPress followership of, believe it or not, 51 was absolutely out of the question. Plus, we do live on an island again, don’t we? So I have decided to highjack my own blog name and re-dedicate it to my new adventures on the island of Sal. I know I will have to adjust my About page and the mission statement but bear with me, there are only 24 hours in my day.

For today, I will leave you with an impression of what Christmas in a tropical developing country looks like. Cape Verde is an up-and-coming tourist destination but one of the many sustainability problems that needs to be resolved before long is rubbish. Here is a creative and very Capeverdean way of recycling:

Building a Christmas tree

Getting there

The finished artwork in all its splendour

Happy Christmas to all of you. May you get to spend some quality time with your families and friends and may the quantity of presents only play a minor role in measuring your happiness.

16 thoughts on “From Island To Island

  1. Viel Spass bei Euren neuen Abenteuern! Ich schaue jetzt ein bisschen neidisch auf Euer Wetter. Wir kommen Euch bestimmt bald mal besuchen. Liebe Gruesse, Peggy

  2. Oh Sandra, I’ve been wondering what form you’d come back in. I knew you’d be back. I’m eager to read more impressions about your new location and all the changes that you and your family have undergone in such short order.

    The trash problem on Cape Verde sounds like an all too common and rather depressing issue. But I like the recycled Christmas decorations. For now that’s a lovely way to squeeze extra life out of all that silly plastic. But what happens at the end of the year?

    Enjoy your first island holiday…I mean on that island. 😉

    • Hi Linda, thanks for your continued support. I will try to post more often than in the last few months. There is certainly enough to write about, unfortunately often not enough time to do all the things that need doing, especially right now during our settling-in period.
      It is always great to hear from you, I am looking forward to your next post.

      • I understand completely and am dumbfounded that you find the time and energy to write, much less post anything given the demands on you right now. Be blessed in the coming year. I’ve treasured getting to know you from afar…and now farther…!

  3. Yay! I am glad you are posting, even if infrequently and your new adventure sounds exciting. And I so know the conundrum of changing priorities and keeping followers. I tell myself that I write for myself but really, it makes such a difference to know someone is listening… And I am. In fact I enjoy your blog so much I am nominating you for a Liebster award.

    I know what you are thinking… a what?!? That was my reaction too. It’s one of those viral awards that someone gives you and you then can chose to nominate people. Here is a link to a post [] I wrote which includes the ‘to dos’ like answering a series of questions. Given that you are no longer a bored housewife, you may reel at the various bits and bobs expected from the nominees so take part or don’t. In any event, you know at least that you have a fan over here. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2013! xxMultilingualMama

    • Hola Coco, wow, what a wonderful com(pli)ment and such an honour! I admit I was a wee bit nervous about simply changing everything but the name. I have just checked and so far only 2 readers have jumped ship, phew. You see, I can’t even blame them, if you are interested in the specifically British tenor this blog had before, why on earth would you like to read some blather on the cultural peculiarities of some African island state? So I have equipped myself with a thick skin and I appreciate readers like you. And who knows, maybe I will end up attracting even more readers with the new focus. One is allowed to dream after all.

      As to the Liebster, I am gratefully accepting the kudos and will try to live up to the privilege by adhering to the rules. One day. Meanwhile I will make sure to check out your blog, MultilingualMama sounds highly enticing. Thanks again for reading and continuing to do so. All the best for you in 2013 too!

  4. I can’t wait to hear this story — I just found Sal on a map, so I’m ready. But meanwhile, how are you and the baby? Did you have a boy or a girl, and when? I’m glad to hear you’re alive and well, no matter which island you’re on. Happy New Year, Sandra.

    • Glad I could contribute to your geographical education, Charles. The baby, we call him “The little monkey” for blog purposes, was exactly 2 months on Christmas Day, and he did enjoy that day just as much as the rest of us on the beach, watching the kite surfers and having the most untraditional Christmas food ever (tuna salad, grilled chicken, spagetti bolognese and – you may have guessed it – milk. A very Happy New Year to you too, my friend, I am glad you’ll stick around a bit.

  5. Ah – at last – some other Island Monkeys for you to whinge about! *grins* I look forward to what you have to say about them! I (sort of) love the recycled tree idea here…

    As for the place, I growled a bit at ‘Verde’ as that’s what comes up nearly every time anyone does a search for me: V. Erde. Why does Google always merge together initial and surname and come up with a place a heck of a long way away from anything resembling me! Oh well… ! Now I shall go and Google Cape Verde (and will probably find a page of my pics instead!)

    Glad you’re back. I’ve been a bit AWOL myself of late, but for different reasons.

    • Val, so sweet of you to check in. Funny that your name resembles the name of my new home. Although I wonder why anyone searching for you would not type your complete name, it’s not like you are called Esmeralda-Bonifacia.
      By the way, I am one of those people who peg their clothes to a clothes line. Always have, always will. At least the small stuff that otherwise will get blown away.
      And I am glad you are back from your timeout as well.

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  7. How nice to see you back, Sandra–wish you all the best in this new life chapter. What a way to start the new year! And thanks for bringing us the recycled Christmas tree!

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