Man, are they ugg-ly!

I might have mentioned on one or two occasions how disgusted I am by ugg boots.

Granted, technically I am not qualified to pass judgement on fashion-related topics, seeing that I am not exactly a style icon. I do, however, have a little something called ‘common sense’ at my command. That, and the decency not to assault my fellow human beings with unnecessary lapses of taste.

Unfortunately, not few female island monkeys don’t have this kind of consideration. Quite the contrary actually, the sheer amount of ugg-wearers in this country frankly boggles my mind.

I concede that this density of bad taste could be partly owed to the fact that I am here in Essex, the proverbial home of the British chav.

Yes, I do understand that it’s winter and cold and you want to keep warm and all. But why then do I see the uggliest boots in the history of footwear so often coupled with black leggings instead of proper trousers?

So you don’t believe me? You think I am exaggerating? Think again. I have compiled irrefutable evidence. Be warned though, it is not a pretty sight.



Uggs1Here is an example to get used to the heinousness. The jeans are alright, so is the rest of the attire.

But these boots! Aren’t they just pug-uggly? A disgrace for an otherwise absolutely acceptable outfit?

I will admit that her funny feet probably have caused the boots to take this funny shape and not vice versa. But isn’t that all the more reason to wear sensible shoes?

Granted, the ones in the picture are not ‘real’ UGGs, so one could make the argument that the inferior quality is to blame for the shaplessness and general failure to function as proper footwear. But then…





But then, these here ARE the real deal. And this lady’s feet are leaning inward just as elegantly.

Not to mention that she manages to spruce up her accoutrement with a baggy pair of red trousers to match her friend’s coat. Nice!

Note: Wearing uggs in the colour black does not make them look less appalling.







An observation that this person unfortunately corroborates.

This exceptionally hideous ensemble also gets across a simple message pretty convincingly: Ugg wearers are generally inflicted by a severe lack of taste. I am sorry but it had to be said.

This is hands down the worst thing I’ve seen so far. And to think that she is raising kids…





Uggs5However, even if worn in the more traditional ‘tan boots plus black leggings’ combination, uggs are somehow sub-stunning.

This picture also illustrates one of the main issues I have with uggs: Unless your legs are exceedingly skinny these boots make them look downright elephantine.

I know, I know, what’s looking pretty compared to being comfortable? Blah-blah. Two things:

1. There are comfy, warm and not-budget-blowing boot models around that don’t make you look like you are 13 months pregnant and struggling majorly with water retention.

2. If uggs are so cushy, why then do most women not stand or walk IN them but NEXT to them?!


Uggs8This one here documents the extent of the problem. I am literally surrounded by uggliness when I dare the high street these days.

It also supports my theory that ugg wearers are fundamentally challenged when it comes to appropriateness. Why else would so many of them feel entitled to combine them with leggings worn as trouser replacement? With just a longish shirt over them to barely cover those ginormous butt cheaks!

Makes me desperately hope for the next gust to wait until they are out of eyeshot.



This lady here could probably pull off the ugg look, seeing that she is one of the rare cases in which the boots don’t end at the widest part of the calf, thus making her look like a rhino on a stampede.

She also proves that it is not impossible to actually walk on top of rather than alongside the sole. That can’t be easy in boots with this little support.

Still, I can’t put my finger on it but doesn’t her posture seem somehow… warped to you?



Ok, ready for my favourite? Want to sit down first?



This one brilliantly sums up the whole misery. It was like a car wreck, I just had to stare.

Honestly, don’t you have to agree that uggs should just be prohibited?

The absolute worst thing about this? See the guy walking just ahead of her? He was actually the one being adequately dressed for the mild, springy 16 °C on that day. In other words, not even the fact that springtide is slowly rolling in is very likely to stop the abomination that are uggs. British girls are known to wear their dearest ‘fashion’ accessory in literally every weather. Urgh!



I read the other day that the microclimate inside the sheepskin is particularly conducive to the development of some nasty microbes. I mean, if these ladies don’t even care about the outside appearance of their footwear, how much less will they be interested in the inner life (forgive the pun)?

And aren’t there any studies around on the long-term effects of boots without any foot support? Flat feet with ensuing knee and hip problems don’t sound extremely far-fetched to me.


What do you think? Are uggs the holy grail of comfort or just a crime against good taste and sense?