Gee, yet another blog!

Blogging is fashionable. So fashionable, in fact, that I am afraid it will be out of fashion really soon. Oh well, I was never an early adopter of innovative technologies or new ideas.

I am aware that the net is full of blogs and no-one really has the time to read yet another one. So what. I know of at least one person who will be grateful for it: my husband. Why? Well, that way he gets a break from having to listen to my rants which usually include variations of “where I come from…”

Which brings me to the reason why I am writing this: I am an alien. A German in the UK. A big-city girl in a backwater town. In Essex, of all places. I am trying to make the best of it. Which is hard.

Mainly because Brits are weird.

Weird beyond their strange insistence on driving on the wrong side of the road. Or maintaining an expansive Royal Family which has no real job other than supporting poor tabloid journalists in making a living.

The other day, after one of my tirades, my dad asked me the German equivalent of “Is there actually anything that you like about living in England?” “Apart from being able to be with my husband?” I replied. “Sure.” And it’s true, there are things that I positively miss when I’m in Germany. Rhubarb crumble. British comedy. Hedges of fuchsia (hence my photograph in the header). Bed linen that costs only a fraction of what one would have to fork out in Germany (It can’t be the sheep, can it? After all, it’s not New Zealand!).

But then there are so many things that drive me nuts on a daily basis. No examples given here now. If you’re curious, you’ll have to follow my blog. Or pop in again at a later point. I can promise you it will be ugly. Nasty. Vicious. In real life I am trying to steer clear of swearwords for the temporary benefit of my 2-year old son. I might not be equally G-rated here. It’s just so bad!

There, that’s my justification for boring you, who intentionally or unwittingly stumbled across my blog, with my insights. Which leaves only two questions to be answered.

  1. Why on earth would a German blog in English? Well, that’s easy. I am not just a nagging bitch, I do care about the Brits. And how are they supposed to see the errs of their ways if they couldn’t understand a word of my constructive criticism?
  2. What the heck is an island monkey? It’s the literal translation of the German word Inselaffe which is one of the nicknames we call the Brits by. And I would like to make it clear that it is a term of endearment. Really. A bit like they like to call us Krauts. All very innocent. Would I call myself an immigrant island monkey otherwise?

Oh, one more thing: Along the way I might even get a chance to refute the common misconception that Germans don’t have a sense of humour. Let me know how I’m doing.


4 thoughts on “Gee, yet another blog!

  1. So glad you made a blog, Sandra! Really looking forward to your entries 😀 Island monkeys, that’s great! Sometimes I still realise I am not native here, and say North American things that leave people staring at me as if I just spoke to them in a completely different language. I’m definitely looking forward to your stories!

  2. Endlich, habe ich Sie gefunden!! Heute, könnnte ich nicht mit dem Rad mit der Gruppe gehen, aber ich werde nächste Woche gehen.

    Ok that’s all the Deutsch I can manage and I suspect THAT’s full of errors!

    To our North American friend, my 11 yr old son speaks fluent American ONLY (despite being born n bred here!) !!! His vocabulary contains: closet, janitor, trunk, hood, pants, purse and even FAWCET on occasion! He’s less familiar with the English equivalents it seems – good old T.V. eh?!! 😉

    Sandra, bring on more of your objective observations of us – I’m addicted to such things 🙂

    • Actually, that wasn’t too bad 🙂
      Glad you found me, even though I have no idea how. We couldn’t go today either, doctor’s appointment. We’ll probably go this Saturday, not sure about next Tuesday yet.
      Interesting point about the American English. Hubbby is born and bred in South Africa, and although all the English down there are really expat Brits, his vocabulary is more American. And yes, that is solely through TV and movies. Funny!
      Yeah, I’m working on the next post. Will be online tonight or tomorrow I hope. Looking forward to seeing you again (here on the blog and in real life).

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